Proud, strong and visible!

Marianne og Tamarin fra NHFU er i Brussels med Uloba på Freedom Drive for å sette fokus på spørsmål om retten til nok assistanse (Brukerstyrt Personlig Assistanse).

Under kan du lese innlegget Tamarin Varner skriver om turen.

Today I have participated in something huge. I’ve shown the city of Brussels that being disable is also a way of living life, it’s MY life. We have marched through the city showing the community that we are PROUD, STRONG and VISIBLE! Because in some countries disable people get hidden away and society see us as a burden and a shame. This is NOT true! Disability is just a phrase that explained a certain amount of people, but is does NOT define us! We are students, daughters, moms, citizens, all with desire to participate and share our strong voice so everyone can feel heard and be acknowledged. Because THAT is a human right. 👊🏼💪🏼


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